At the last seven seconds of Suicide Mouse, it cuts to a horizontally flipped video of a silhouetted figure wearing a robe that closes the door in a dark apartment stair complex.


  • It is rumored that the person at the end of the video is a shadow figure.
  • That person is the creator of the Suicide Mouse video, jojacob666. The original version of this scene is seen in Propganation666. He is from Kentucky, USA, and the scene was really a test aniamtion along with the hidden footages in Suicide Mouse that was only streamed to a local private audience.
  • In Suicide mouse, the man, the Russian text, and the deleted scene were removed.
  • In The GMod Suicide Mouse survival guide, kitty0706 said to make a YouTube poop of the Person.
    335px-Trollpasta suicidemouse.avi ending alternate scene.wmv

    The person at the last seven seconds of Suicide mouse