Suicide Mouse: The Game is based on the creepypasta Suicidemouse.avi.

In this game, you have to fall down a hole and get something.

Title screen

Suicide Mouse

The starting of the game

Suicide mouse

Mickey mouse on the top of the hole

If you fall down another hole, you explode.


On January 12, 1947, Disney teamed up with a private firm that scrutinized individuals for signs of communist sympathies. Several suspects, mostly Disney employees that had been involved with union activities but also independent actors and producers, were exposed to a series of screenings of Disney cartoons that were presented as unauthorized artistic experiments and/or parodies, but were in fact intended as a litmus test: the audience of the screenings was secretly observed, and if a person did not express strong discomfort with the atonal cacophonic music, the senseless and distorted animations, and the ultra-short Russian slogans in cyrillic lettering, he would be marked as 'susceptible to Anti-Americanism and communist disloyalty', and blacklisted (so, watching the original Mickey Mouse cartoon to the end just might indeed have entailed a professional and often also social 'suicide'.)

During the second half of the 1950s, anti-communist awareness had become less intense. In 1957 the private company was sued by an individual who claimed to be fired by a radiostation after being marked 'unfit' by the company, and it finally lost the case in 1962. The company went broke. This obviously ended the cooperation with Disney and his involvement in such projects. He remained a official SAC (Special Agent in Charge) for the FBI though, to his death in 1966. 

The cartoons were allegedly destroyed, but apparently some footage has been shelved and has now resurfaced. It is not at all unlikely that the 'suicidemouse.exe' creepystory was fabricated on behalf of the Disney company, to obscure this facet of Disney's life.


  • The broken music box plays when Mickey hangs himself.
  • The reversed music in the deleted scene plays at the end.
  • The music from the beginning plays at the start.
  • The game includes pop-up things.