Spongebob playing SAW

Spongebob playing SAW

Date Spanish:2006

Date English:2007


The video first begins with blackness and Spongebob's eyes.

He asks Patrick where is he and Patrick tells him to be quiet.

Patrick finds something that is a light switch and turns it on.

Spongebob and Patrick find out that their feet are chained.

Spongebob finds a recorder and Patrick tells him to put it on play.

The recorder says that they're going to die in seven days if they don't escape.

Spongebob and Patrick find saws and try to cut the chains.

Patrick then tells Spongebob that they are not suppose to cut the chains.

Patrick then leaves.

Squidward wakes up and tells Spongebob that the key is in his stomach.

Spongebob gets game over.