Note: From now on, only the founder can edit this page.


  • No swearing (You can't swear because it is usually used to insult people, because of the kids on wiki is not why we can't swear)
  • No adding very scary pictures like the screamer in scary maze game (This is because Felix the Cat123 may be scared of super scary pictures)
  • No saying cuz unless you're talking about Dolan duk (You should say because, cuz is not proper grammar as this is another rule on the wiki)
  • No MLP:FIM photos,videos,fans,or anything like that (Felix the Cat123 hates MLP:FIM)
  • Don't block Felix the Cat123 (He is the owner of the wiki)
  • Don't block Russmarrs2 and TheWeegeeThatWillFixYourHouse (These two users are special)
  • No hacking (You will be banned from this wiki if you do)
  • No asking for admin (You get admin by getting at least one golden badge, and you become a bureaucrat by getting the only platinum badge on Wikipedia)
  • No giving out personal information (You could be hacked)
  • No adding emoji emotions(I hate them and this is my wiki:Felix the Cat123)
  • No adding links out of this wiki(Only Felix the Cat123,Russmarrs2,and- TheWeegeeThatWillFixYYourHouse can)
  • No porn (Porn means naked stuff, and those are inappropriate)
  • Groudon457's alt is not allowed here (Felix the Cat123 probably hates this guy)
  • No Bobs (those stick guys that are taking down Google+ and they can't)
  • Use proper grammar unless you're talking about Dolan duk (We want this wiki to make sense, and Dolan duk is a hilarious show so that's why)
  • No Dora the explorer stuff and fans (Dora the Explorer sucks in the opinion of Felix the Cat123)
  • No making fun of Suicide mouse (We understand if you are trying not to but do not realize that you are)
  • No anonymous users making other creepypastas on this wiki (Unless if you have permission from Felix the Cat123)
  • No Bullying or Trolling (Bullying hurts people's feelings, trolling is tricking people and we don't want people to feel bad)
  • No using the word swag on this wiki (Swag means cool, but Felix the Cat123 doesn't like this word, so just say cool)
  • Don't block Nourgodly1592 (He is special)
  • Don't block Sling king (He is special)

ALERT: You need to ask Felix the Cat123 if you want to be added to this list, but that's only if your super special

  • No Bronies, Pegasisters, and Cloppers!
  • Follow these rules or I'll ban you from my wiki forever,and not come to your wikis (Not really a rule, but a warning)
  • Don't block Nervousmario42 (He is special)
  • No toilet jokes,Ex:Fart,Poop,Pee,If you do this I'll ban you from my wiki for 100,000,000,000,000 years, -I'm not joking
  • Don't edit the bounce! badge,I like cats and it has a cat on it and that's why.
  • No Fnaf content (the content will be deleted)

Chat rules

  • Don't block anyone except bad users (Or private chat sessions as mentioned below)
  • No swearing (Mentioned above)
  • No porn (Mentioned above)
  • No talking about sex (This is because Sex is very inappropriate)
  • No bullying or trolling (As mentioned above)
  • No bringing strangers to chat unless the founder or an admin can trust the user
  • No banning or kicking anyone from chat unless they have done something bad
  • No suicidal drama(That will be reported to Wikia)
  • No banning someone for chatting privately. Use private messaging if it's between two people, and join a different wiki if you want it to be private.

Admin rules

  • No blocking people for no reason
  • Don't make anyone an admin unless they can be trusted
  • Don't unblock bad users
  • Don't put swear words in people's ban and chat ban log
  • Don't use adult content in front of kids
  • No swearing
  • No cussing

Chat moderator rules

  • No kicking or banning people from chat for no reason
  • Don't take your chat moderator rights too seriously